‘Into The Wild’

I’ve been missing Vancouver a lot recently. The smell mostly. Apparently it’s pretty smokey over there at the moment but I’ve been dreaming of mountains well, mountains and having babies(that was a strange one) I miss how clean the air feels. I remember being able to run up and down the beach barefoot. I wish I hadn’t been in such a rush to grow up. I wish I could speak to my younger self and tell her to forget the hair dye and allow the Midas touch of the sun to do it’s work. Sometimes I wonder if the child I used to be would be proud of who I am now. Would they look up to me? I think that’s a better judge than any could you stand face to face with your younger self and be proud of the life you’ve lead? I want to paint myself in a light that is strong and noble but I stumble so frequently I think that would be a lie. Does stumbling make you inherently weak? Do I loose my power in admitting that? I don’t think that bothers my childhood self. I think it’s more fixed on chasing the butterfly and finding out what’s at the top of the tree than the balance of power and isn’t that a more worthy pursuit?